Verbally Committed Episode 15: B1G Is Back Baby

Did The Big Ten Ever Really Leave?

It is official, the Big Ten is back people. It’s still a month out but hey it’s better than the alternative! A conference that pretty much dominated the college football news cycle over the last month without even playing a game.

Finally after lots of guessing and speculating the Big Ten made it official and is coming back. Connor can return all of his Iowa State Cyclone gear he bought, it’s Husker SZN again!

Nebraska deserves lots of credit for fighting the good fight but are they getting any of that credit right now? Sure doesn’t feel like it…

Thanksgiving Weekend Will Be Fun

Almost lost in the Big Ten shuffle was the NCAA announcing that college basketball will officially return on November 25th. Which last we checked is the day before Thanksgiving.

So let us get this straight. We have college football that weekend and college basketball coming back on a holiday weekend? Look I know 2020 has SUCKED but dare I say there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

Word Association Game

Last week was technically week 2 of the college football season. But it was the first week you saw the Big 12 and ACC play which made it really feel like football was back.

So we play a quick game where we associate one word to some of the higher profile teams and games from last weekend.

Picks For This Week

So you know, we are both gambling men. We enjoy the occasional wager on a said team to win or lose by a designated number of points.

Unfortunately those predictions that we feel most strongly about which one might call a “Lock” have not gone well for us. But this week it’s all going to change!

We give you our picks for the week. Gilli believes life is too short to bet on the under and Connor goes back to a familiar choice that has burned him in the past but he just can’t get over them.

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Mike Gilligan (@BigGilli)

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68)

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