USA Today STINKS With These Predictions

Last week, USA Today Sports came out with their annual NFL Predictions and let me tell you, they are consistently wrong on this. They are almost as bad as ESPN with any top 100 list, but they aren’t quite there yet.

Look at those shitty predictions.  First off, the Saints will not win the Super Bowl. It just doesn’t happen besides that one time they made a deep playoff run and then have been the most underwhelming team in the decade. I love Drew Brees. I think he’s a top 5 QB all-time and they continually have some of the best weapons in the league. But they can never get over the hump called the second round. Shit even this year they lost to Minnesota and that bum Kirk Cousins.

The Ravens and Chiefs

Next, the Ravens will not make the Super Bowl over defending champs Kansas City Chiefs. The Ravens are very good but after getting their teeth kicked in by Tennessee I’m curious to see how they respond this year to that.  And I don’t think it will be well. They realized the hard way that regular season football and playoff football are two totally different sports. I just think KC is the most complete team in the league and don’t really have much of a match on either side. They really are a dynasty in the making.

I don’t understand how they make these predictions and records and then tweet it out like “oh yea this thing is 100%.”  They made headlines a few years ago by having the Chargers win the Super Bowl and then they proceeded to go like 5-11 that year or something like that. And look what they did this year, they have the Colts (lead by Philip Rivers) at 11-5… It has to be a Philip Rivers thing at this point with the USA Today writers. A couple other take aways are no way in hell and I’ll bet this that the Steelers go 11-5 and make the playoffs. I don’t care what you say but Big Ben is so washed up there’s no way he goes better than 8-8. People love shitting on Brady for being old but Big Ben has probably aged the worst out of those old elite QBs.

I could spend hours just destroying this, but I won’t because it makes me too mad. The audacity to have Denver with a better record than the Patriots is absolutely concerning. How? They have a way worse team than the Patriots do and play in a tougher division. I wouldn’t take Drew Lock over any QB/backup/practice squad player in the league, that guy is horrible. There is just so much wrong and so much to yell at them about, but I can’t I have too big of a heart to do that.

John’s 2020 Predictions:


East: Patriots
South: Titans
North: Ravens
West: Chiefs
WC1: Bills
WC2: Browns


East: Cowboys
South: Bucs
North: Vikings
West: 49ers
WC1: Saints
WC2: Cardinals (hot take)

Super Bowl: Chiefs over 49ers (again)

-John (@Uncle_Mac4)

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