Alex Cora Is Done Managing?

Quick rant, that I’m sure we are all on board with. I’m so over this corona virus stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the danger of it, but man, this isolation stuff is brutal. But sometimes there is baseball stuff to talk about. And that makes me happy.

Alex Cora made headlines this week via the Twitter world. When some random Twitter troll tweeted Alex saying his “managing days were over” Alex responded saying “maybe I want to do something else”.

I don’t know about you, but this came as PURE Shock to me. All theories out there lead us to believe that Ron Roenicke was just a place holder for this season, while Alex served his “sentence.” Obviously the expectation was that Alex would bring back that fire and enthusiasm that we saw with the 2018 team. suffice to say, it would be a huge blow to us if he decided that he was done.

Players from the team have already commentated. The impact that he has is obvious. “AC came in and put players in positions to succeed and took care of all of us. That’s why we love and respect him so much,” Sale told ESPN’s Marly Rivera. My impression of Alex Cora has always been that hes a stud leader. A mans man. A guy that people want to play for. And a guy that is approachable and trustworthy for the players. Those are all top qualities that one looks for in a skipper, as you could be a brainic of the game, but if the guys aren’t motivated by you, well, you ain’t winning shit.

This is definitely something that we all need to keep an eye on as time advances. Alex Cora is OUR MANAGER. And the fact of the matter is, he may, after all the bs, decide to call it quits.

-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)

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