Uh-oh…Gordon Hayward Says His Left Foot is Still Bothering Him

The Celtics are patiently waiting for the NBA Orlando restart to happen. Workouts are going on right now. The team seems ready to get going and embark on their eight game seeding schedule. But one Celtic might be a little bit more hurt than we originally might have thought. Gordon Hayward came out and said that his left foot is still bothering him, even with the long hiatus.

So when we see this on the surface, there’s a few things we need to break down here.

Why is it Still Bothering Him?

This is the part that confuses me a bit. Kemba Walker had a similar issue with his knee. But it seems like Walker is healthier and ready to make an impact. Now I understand that people’s bodies and bones heal differently. But it still doesn’t make sense to me. Hayward wasn’t doing much during the break. Honestly, he was probably spending time with his wife and girls while spending some time gaming as well. So what’s going on with the foot?

Hayward’s Injury History

This doesn’t help the narrative that signing Gordon Hayward was the right move for the Celtics. We all know what happened in that first game in Cleveland with the clean break of his ankle. Keep in mind, he was also injured for part of this season with concussions and what not. So obviously, this isn’t a good sign if Hayward is complaining of an injury.

How will it Affect the Celtics Chemistry?

Having four potential All-stars in that lineup makes the Celtics dangerous. Also having Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba playing how they were makes the Celtics that much more of a threat. But the question is this: will Hayward be playing? Hayward helps spread the floor and even has some nights where he’s the best player, similar to his Utah days. Having four quality guards/wings is a lot better than having three. So if Hayward has to sit out, we’ll see what happens with the chemistry.

In Conclusion

Not the best bit of information to find out close to the season starting. Hopefully, it’s just soreness. Hayward in the starting five gives this Celtics team a better chance to win. Without Hayward, the road becomes more difficult. Enjoy your 4th of July’s and stay safe!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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