U.S. Open Predictions

This week, the sports word embarks on maybe the greatest four day sports stretch and it all starts tomorrow with the US Open.  I love the US Open.  It is by far my favorite major and I love to watch how difficult these course directors make the course for these players.  The US Open is THE golf event of the year.  I know everyone raves about the Green Jacket or the Claret Jug, but fuck that.  The Claret Jug has nothing over the beautiful no-named trophy the US Open gives.  I am really excited for this event because Winged Foot is a really hard course.  I think it’s going to be even harder after reading the interview of the course director on golf.com, but that is what makes the US Open so much fun.  It’s by far the hardest major and the story lines are always top notch.

Who’ll Be Near The Top Until Sunday?

Like in any tournament, finding the fairway is going to be a must.  But it’s a lot more emphasized at Winged Foot.  The US Open is notorious for not cutting the grass and letting that rough run fucking wild.  So, for betting, you want to find players who consistently hit the fairways.  Players like Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, Justin Thomas, Rory, Daniel Berger, Webb Simpson, Morikawa and the list does go on.  There are plenty of guys who consistently hit the fairway and leave themselves with a nice second shot lie.  I expect all of these guys to be in the top 10 come Sunday.

Who I Hate!

The US Open isn’t for everyone.  You can’t just rip driver and hope for the best.  You need to play dart golf.  You need it hit a nice first shot pretty accurately and then move forward.  So, with that being said, I hate Bryson this week.  I think he’ll be in the top 20 for sure.  But to win this thing, no chance.  I also hate Matsuyama and Jon Rahm this week.  For starters, Matsuyama is the worst putter on tour.  The guy had an event won a few weeks ago and fucking three putted and missed easy 7 footers a pro should hit.  For Rahm’s case, he all of the sudden decided to switch and play with new clubs!?!?!?  What the hell is that!  You’re a co-favorite and all of the sudden reports are coming out saying you switched to newer clubs, not worrisome at all!

Dark Horse

He was my dark horse for the Tour Championship and he gave DJ a scare for a day, and he’s my dark horse again this week because he’s a 22 year old phenom named SungJae IM.  What a lot of people don’t know about IM is that he has been one of the best/most consistent golfers on tour this year.  Outside of Morikawa and JT, IM is right with those guys who top 10 finishes and consistent play.  And like I said for the Tour, one of these top 10 finishes will pay off.  IM is going to be my dark horse until he either wins one or stops coming top 10 every week.

My Bold Prediction

I dropped the ball with my Tour Championship prediction in Patrick Reed.  That’s me being a turd.  However, the US Open is just as hard to pick and maybe even harder because of the tougher course and how players will respond to the conditions.  So with all that said, my bold prediction is going to be Xander Schauffele.  He has been really, really, really consistent and is still pissed off at not winning the Tour a few weeks ago.  I love Xander and he’ll probably be over but I can’t wait!

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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