Tuukka Rask Leaves Practice Early

Here we go folks! A week into practice, and Tuukka Rask already has an “injury”. Yesterday morning, Rask left practice early after taking a shot in the “wrong spot” the day prior. It seemed to be bothering him 24 hours later. Listen, I’ll start this by saying Rask is an unbelievable goalie, can dominate games. Played a GIANT role in getting us to Game 7 of the Cup Final last year. BUT, he is softer than puppy poop in the middle of July. What I mean by this is I think he is mentally weak, so hearing that he left early from practice doesn’t surprise me at all.

How Is He “Soft”

Rask is the type of goalie that can’t get himself ready to play without some competition. What I mean by this, Rask’s play has been much more consistent since the Bruins added Halak last year as the backup. Halak came in a has been rock solid as the backup option. Mix that with the fact that Cassidy is not hesitant on sitting Rask down whenever he decides he wants to mentally check out of a few games because…well, he is soft. Elite goalies should not and do not need extra motivation to show up and be ready to play. Rask while he can be an elite goalie, as shown by him winning the Vezina Trophy in back in 203-14 season. Since then, though, he has not finished higher than 7th in the voting for it. Elite goalies should an would be consistently in the top 5 in the Vezina voting every year.

But He Is The Best Goalie In Bruins History

He can’t have that title until he brings home a cup. Period. Again, he played an enormous role in getting us to the finals last year, and if our “perfection line” actually showed up, he probably would have that elusive Stanley Cup victory. He may have the most wins in team history, but that is not the argument here. When you show you have the ability to be elite and then consistently do not play up to that standard, Boston fans will jump down your throat. I am holding him to the higher standard that elite goalies should be held too. Rask is definitely in the top 3 all-time in Bruins history, and IF he wins a championship before his career ends, he will undoubtedly take that title. Until then, I will continue to hold him to the higher level he can play at, but for whatever reason needs extra motivation to get too.


Look at David Price, the guy was unbelievable before his time in Boston, gets here, and WE ate him alive until he wins us a title in ’18. What’s the difference? Price won. Rask hasn’t. Both have shown they can be elite players at their position. Both are mentally soft. Price is let off the hook because he won a championship. Rask can do the same thing this year. So, what he needs to do is nut up and play to the best of his ability for the next month once the season officially resumes. You just had four months off, everyone’s bodies should be rested and healed by now. This means he has to play through a shot hitting him in the “wrong spot”. At the end of the day, the Bruins are in a great spot talent-wise to bring home the Cup this year. To bring the Cup back to Boston, we need Rask, and we need him playing to the best of his ability. This leaving practice early with this “injury” is not a great start.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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