Tuck Rule Takes Episode 1: The Inaugural Episode!

Welcome everyone to the inaugural episode of “Tuck Rule Takes”, our brand new Patriots podcast on the network. This is the first of hopefully many years worth of episodes. Let’s give you a little insight into everything that’s happening.

What Happened to Third and Long?

Previously, we had a Patriots podcast on the network called “Third and Long”. Unfortunately, Cam Beall, Jarrod Ribaudo and Jack Reilly had other commitments that they had to attend to in their lives. They will be missed and welcome back to contribute to the site with open arms.

The Hosts of Tuck Rule Takes!

The two hosts that will be taking the reigns on our NEW Patriots podcast are Mike Sullivan and Liam McDaid.

Mike Sullivan is a resident of Florida that is dying to come back to New England! What will never leave him is his fandom and strong love for the New England Patriots. Mike also takes part in our Wednesday night Twitch streams and writes for us on Mondays and Thursdays!

Liam McDaid is a Massachusetts kid that also loves his fair share of Patriots. He is another part of our Wednesday night twitch streams. If you’ve heard Liam’s name before, that’s because he also does our Celtics podcast on the network, The Rafters Podcast. Liam will be handling the editing as well as cohosting of this new Pats podcast.

Topics This Week on Tuck Rule Takes

This is just an introductory episode. So in this one, Mike and Liam introduce themselves to everyone and why they love the Patriots. They also get into how the title came to be and give some quick takes before the episode concludes.

Where Can You Find Tuck Rule Takes

You can find the podcast on the CGS YouTube channel as well as Spotify and google podcasts. Hopefully, they’ll also be up on iTunes as well.

Other than that, enjoy the first of many episodes of the Tuck Rule Takes podcast.

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