Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 133: Powder’s Back!

We’re back with the Legends Lingo podcast, episode 133! Powder’s back in this one and we’re excited that he’s back in the fold. No Matty D in this one as he had things come up. Fear not though Legends Lingo fans, the three amigos will be back together soon! But while all of that is happening, here’s our episode from last week if you need to get caught up!

Topics This Week on Episode 133 of Legends Lingo

We start off by catching up with Powder! Powder has been away from us for quite a while. He catches us up with what he’s been up to and why he missed the last few episodes.

Next up, the Patriots open up their preseason! We get into what we’re looking forward to and some other injury tidbits that maybe we should be worry about.

Finally, the Red Sox. They’re struggling and we dig deep into why they are struggling. We also get into Powder’s thoughts of the trade deadline both Red Sox wise and MLB wise.

Where Can You Find This Episode?

You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and the CGS Youtube page. We’re very easy to find. Just google search us at this point!


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Legends Lingo podcast, episode 133!

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