Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 88 – EXTENSIONS!


MIKE IS BACK AND WE’RE TALKING PATRIOTS EXTENSIONS! This weeks episode is all about the guys the Patriots have signed over the last couple days. And also some guys they have yet to sign but MAY soon! Mike, Al and Liam are back together this week and it feels so right. They open up talking about Parker’s new deal and how, if at all, it’ll impact Hopkins. Then they, of course, pivot to the free agent receiver and his never-ending saga. A new player has entered the convo though as Dalvin Cook is brought up as well. How would his addition impact the offense as a whole? Then the guys move on to Bentley’s deal. Is there any way you can have a negative take on this? The guys don’t think so. It’s a Patriots extensions episode this week!

All that and so much more on a compact episode of Tuck Rule Takes!

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