Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 4: Sony-er Days in LA, First Team Mac and More!

The Tuck Rule Boys are BACK with easily our most entertaining episode yet in episode 4! Check out the new intro and let us know if you like it, hate it or have any ideas. And as always, Go Pats!

Topics This Week:

This week starts off with an anger-filled rant about Sony Michel and the hate he got during his tenure here. We obvious touch on his trade to the Rams and why it happened. Was it the right move for the Patriots and the Rams? Could it even come back to bite them in the regular season?

A quick recap of the second preseason game where the Pats demolished the Eagles. It wasn’t much of a game from beginning to end if we’re going to be honest.

Of course we touch on the Cam Newton situation and what it means for both him and Mac Jones moving forward. Will Cam be treated any different when he returns? Could this finally be the break that Mac Jones needed to make Bill Belichick think about his week one starter just a little bit more?

All that and more on this weeks episode!

Where To Find Tuck Rules Takes:

As always you can find Tuck Rule Takes on all your major podcast networks or wherever else you listen. And of course the Couch Guy Sports YouTube where, per usual, Liam has no shirt on. Enjoy Tuck Rule Takes, episode 4!

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