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Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 100 – Strange Times


Strange times and Patriots are never things you want in the same sentence. But yet here we are. The Patriots are 0-2, last place in the Division and starting at an uphill climb. Strange times indeed. The guys obviously have a lot to say about this loss and waste no time getting into it. The offense is as good a place as any to start, and Mac Jones is first up. How has the third year QB looked so far? The guys break him down as well as his sole mistake to DeVante Parker. Also, the comparisons to Patriots teams of old need to stop. The guys vent their frustration about that. Then, of course, there’s the running game to speak on or lack thereof. The defense gets credit for a good game and of course, we’re talking Schooler baby. To end the episode, there’s a quick Jets preview.

All that and so much more on a compact episode of Tuck Rule Takes!

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