Tristan Thompson Got Emasculated By A Reporter Who Asked If The Cavs Feel Helpless Guarding Steph Curry

WOW. Steph Curry had a career game last night breaking an NBA Finals record draining nine threes in last night’s massive game 2 W over the Cavs, 122-103.

In fairness to the Cavs, I don’t think there’s any team in the league who could have shut Steph down last night. He was straight up unbelievable and I mean, he’s done this before, but he was hitting shots that you feel lucky to hit when you’re playing 2K.


Like, what are you supposed to do with this shot? You can’t. You backed the guy up from the net and he threw up a last resort kind of shot but, because it’s Steph, it goes in. It’s just what he does.

But to the question that reporter laid out, the series was basically over before it started as is, but I think this reporter actually just handed the Warriors the trophy. There’s not a chance in HELL that the Cavs can bounce back now. He basically asked, “Do you guys feel like a bunch of infants out there? Can you walk you, big dumb idiots? Or is Steph just too good and you guys kind of actually stink at basketball?”.

Cold blooded. Tristan walked off but like, he didn’t even seem that mad. He just kind of seemed like someone said what everyone was thinking, including him. You cannot guard Steph. It’s unbelievable what the guy can do and you guys flat out will never have the answer. You guys look like fools out there and almost lost to a Celtics team who is going to snuff you out next season when their best two players are back.

This move by the reporter, legendary. I titled it in a way that made it seem like he only emasculated Tristan, but he might have emasculated the entire Cavs locker room. There’s no recovery. Just replace the programming with the PBA tour and cancel the series because at least we’ll have some legit competition going on.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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