Colby Covington Makes More Head Lines As He Calls Out UFC Commentator Joe Rogan

Colby Covington is back at it again. One of the biggest loud mouths of MMA Colby Covington sets his trash talk towards another person. This time it’s not a fighter, this time he set his sights on long time UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Covington isn’t shy about attacking any one he wants. We’ve seen him post tweets about Platinum Mike Perry’s former girlfriend. We’ve Seen Covington attack both male and female fighters for missing weight. Posting a picture of Mackenzie Dern next to miss piggy when she missed weight. Calling Darren Till a fat f**k when he missed weight before his last fight. This time it’s different though.

After Covington made some comments about Jon Jones who’s one of the greatest fighters of all time, some one took exception to Covington’s comments. UFC commentator Joe Rogan mentioned Covington’s comments towards Jones on one of his podcast. Rogan said be careful who you talk about Colby, because when you’re face to face with Jones he might retaliate. In a later interview Covington said Joe Rogan better watch his mouth because when I come face to face with him I might just slap him. Joe Rogan tried to clear up what he said on another one of his podcast saying that he respects what Covington’s doing, and respects how he used his mouth to get a title shot at UFC 225. He also mentioned how Covington hasn’t beaten any big names besides Demian Maia. This only poured fuel on the fire between these two. Covington responded by calling Rogan a biased commentator, he also said Rogan’s opinions are irrelevant.

The big question now is will Covington actually do something about Joe Rogan’s comments? Or is Covington all talk? If Covington were to actually make physical contact with Joe Rogan it could easily end his career. It reminds me of when Jason High pushed a referee after he lost. The UFC cut High immediately after the incident. If Covington does slap Joe Rogan I believe the consequences will be exactly the same. There’s no doubt that this just adds to the hype of UFC 225.

Stephen Caloggero (Steveo_calo)

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