Trader Danny is Back! Celtics Pull Off Two Trades at the Deadline

The Boston Celtics have been notorious for being in every trade rumor possible and not pulling through with deals done. Well that all changed yesterday. This Celtics team needed a bit of a shakeup badly. There had to be moves done. They may not have been the blockbuster names that we wanted to see. However, there were some moves worth talking about involving the Celtics. Let’s talk about them a bit.

Evan Fournier to Boston

Evan Fournier is now a Boston Celtic and it’s a move that needed to be made. Fournier is averaging 19.7 PPG and brings a scorer/shooter that the Celtics desperately needed off the bench. This isn’t a move that’s going to make them a championship contender. However, it helps fill a need that desperately needed addressing. Plus, check out this cool little stat.

This is a good sign. The Celtics need a three point shooter that can stop scoring lulls. Fournier will hopefully sign long term and continue to produce for years to come in a Celtics uniform.

Daniel Theis and Javonte Green to Chicago

With a last second move, Daniel Theis and Javonte Green are now in Chicago. In exchange, the Celtics get 6’11 Mo Wagner and 7’2 Luke Kornet. The Celtics get some size, but a lot of people are speculating that these are downgrades. Let me say this. Daniel Theis was an upcoming free agent. So you probably weren’t going to resign him this summer anyway. Javonte Green is athletic, but he’s an end of the bench type of player. You did what you had to do and got two young players who can hopefully develop. Thanks for everything Daniel Theis and Javonte Green. But it was time to move on.

Jeff Teague to Orlando to Complete the Fournier Trade

Jeff Teague was also shipped out yesterday as the Celtics look to become younger. Teague was a veteran that was supposed to provide a spark off the bench. His first game of the season against the Milwaukee Bucks looked great. After that…not so much. So now Teague finds himself in Orlando. Not a bad way for Danny to get  a scorer!

In Conclusion

In my opinion, the Celtics got a bit better yesterday. And honestly, I think this is only the beginning. this season feels like a lost cause at this point. Finish up this season, MAYBE make out to the second round, and focus on the 2021-2022 season. I get the feeling another move is coming this off-season. Why else would Evan Fournier be here as a bench piece when he’s an upcoming FA? I think it’s because Danny plans to resign Fournier and keep building around the JT and JB core. We’ll see!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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