Top Three College Basketball Teams to Watch Out For

Overall, college basketball has been horrible.  Straight up terrible.  There is no clear No. 1 and no clear NBA elite talent.  Everyone is just kind of ok, which is fine it makes you appreciate the game more and see who can get their guys to play the best to get to March.  Anyway, here are three teams to keep an eye out for.

Texas Tech

Texas Tech is playing some of the best basketball in the country.  Chris Beard has his team at such a high intensity that they just keep rolling.  The beat up on No. 1 Louisville and have been rolling since.  Despite them losing tough games to Iowa and Creighton, Beard and Tech are one of the teams to watch out for come March.  They only lost one player and gained another great player in Avery Benson.  Benson is the definition of GRIT.  If they had him in the Finals last year, they would have probably beat Virginia.  Tech is currently No. 1 and they are rolling.


People are saying this is the best Gonzaga team to date?  Honestly, I don’t stay up late enough to watch them play.  They have some super good wins against Oregon, Washington, and Arizona who are all ranked.  Their sole loss came against Michigan and that team was rolling then.  I expect Gonzaga to continue doing what they have to do in order to get to the Elite Eight.  But, at the end of the day, Gonzaga hasn’t won anything so its hard for me to be like “oh yea the Zags have it this year!”  But look for them to make a run like they always do.


They don’t have the fire power to win it all, but they are still a really solid team who can sneak into the Final Four if they start playing at the right time.  I love Tony Bennett as a coach and he always finds a way to get his guys up for a game.  I can say they are the best team in the ACC.  I lost faith in Coach K after not winning with what he had last year and Louisville can go kick rocks.  Give me a coach who has proven he can get a team to that level, and that’s Virginia.  Unfortunately, Virginia doesn’t have a quality win yet, and their first quality game isn’t until February when they play Louisville.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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