Top 5 NBA Trade Targets This Offseason

Yesterday, we started the NBA offseason preview by ranking the top free agents. Today we continue that preview by ranking the top players on the trade block. It’s harder to rank this because its hard to tell whose on the trade block, but I’ve think I have done a pretty good job estimating who will be there. Let’s start off with some honorable mentions first.

Honorable Mentions- Kenneth Faried, Terry Rozier and Dennis Schroder

5 Nikola Vucevic- Vucevic’s time in Orlando might be coming to an end. Orlando has struggled for years despite his good numbers, so it may be time to blow it up. Vucevic is a good low post scorer/rebounder so he has a lot value for teams. Plus it helps that he’s only 27.

4 TJ Warren- The Suns have the number one pick the draft and the rumor is that they want another top 10 pick. With Devin Booker being the only untradeable player on the team, TJ Warren could get them that top 10 pick. Warren is only 24 years old and nearly averaged 20 points a game last year. So if he lands in the right spot, he could be a corner stone player for another team.

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns
TJ Warren may not be the Suns’ future plans.

3 Marc Gasol- Marc Gasol has played his entire career with Memphis but may finally be time to move on. Memphis has the number 4 pick and could a few more assets to help build for the future. Despite his age of 33, a lot of contending teams would love to have a guy like Gasol.

2 Hassan Whiteside- After the Heat’s season ended, rumors started immediately that Hassan Whiteside had played his last game in a Miami uniform. His minutes went down drastically from the previous year and he didn’t play that much in the playoffs. Clearly he and Erik Spoelstra are butting heads and if he doesn’t have a home in Miami anymore, a lot of teams could use the 28 year old.

1 Kawhi Leonard- Outside of where LeBron will be going, Kawhi Leonard will be the biggest story of the offseason. His fallout with the Spurs has shocked a lot of people and its crazy that he’s even on the trade block. San Antonio has been hesitant to engage in serious talks but if the offer is good enough, they might have to take it.

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