Top 5 Most Interesting Ballpark Food’s

Happy opening day everyone! Today is officially opening day in the MLB! Finally, after an offseason that was longer than the regular season, baseball is finally back! Plus, there will be fans in the stands this season! Yes, fans are back! With the fans being back that can only mean one thing! The food and drink sales are about to skyrocket from a season ago! Each ballpark has it’s own unique food. Some more unique than others! Let’s take a look at the five most unique food’s you can get across the MLB ballparks!

1. Esquite (Dodger Stadium)

MLB Food Roundup: The best stadium eats, menus for the 2019 season - Sports Illustrated

To me, this is so interesting. I wouldn’t think that Esquite would be sold at a ballpark. But yet, here we are. So what is Esquite? Esquite is made up of street corn, mayo, cheese and spicy aioli. What a fun combination of flavor. The cost for this is $9. Plus, it comes in a souvenir helmet bowl that a fan can take home. This is a three in one situation. You get great food, a souvenir and you get to see a great baseball game. What else could you ask for in this situation?

2. Tres Leches Milkshake (Yankee Stadium)

Wow! What a treat! As a Red Sox fan it pains me to say that this looks good. Good job to the Yankees for coming up with this! This milkshake contains milk, vanilla ice cream, cake pieces and churro pieces. Delicious if you ask me. The price for this $14.99 but it’s worth it! Plus, you get to keep the glass it is in! So its another situation where you get great baseball, a delicious snack and a souvenir. To me, this is a must get if you’re at Yankee stadium!

3. Slider Dog (Progressive Field, Cleveland)

What. Is. This. Who in their right mind thought that this is a good idea? This is a lot to take in here so let’s break this down. What are looking here? This is a beef hot dog with pimento mac and cheese, bacon and fruit loops. Yes, the famous cereal fruit loops. You can get this creation for $11. Is this worth $11? According to fans, yes! This hot dog is a fan favorite surprisingly. I can’t imagine what the taste of this is. However would I try it? Probably.

4. Donut Burger (Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia)

This is a health hazard. I’m a big food lover and even I wouldn’t get this. But, it’s unique to see at a ballpark. So what is this? This is made up of a burger patty, two glazed donuts, cherry pepper jam, American cheese and bacon. You can add lettuce and tomato’s if you feel like being healthy. But, with how unhealthy this is, there’s zero chance it’ll matter if you add vegetables to this. How much is this? $14. A little pricey if you ask me.

5. Toasted Grasshopers (T-Mobile Park, Seattle)

Seattle Mariners selling out of toasted grasshoppers at concession stand

Why is this even a thing? Come on Seattle. Toasted Grasshoppers were introduced back in 2017 and they are one of the most popular choices at T-Mobile Park. There’s nothing special about them, they’re just toasted that’s it. In each of the first two years, over one million grasshoppers were sold. Fans love these little guys. They’re only $5 which is an appropriate price. Would I eat this? Absolutely… not. I have nothing against this, I just personally don’t find this appetizing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’re not hungry while you read this. Or, hopefully you still have an appetite after the last two foods. MLB ballparks finally have fans in them and that’s great to see. Hopefully throughout the season, more fans will be able to go to the ballparks! If you’re lucky enough to go this season, be safe and enjoy yourself and as always, enjoy the food and drinks!

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