Tom Wilson Should Not be Allowed to Play Hockey Anymore

Tom Wilson should not be allowed to play in the NHL anymore. The man is a danger to everyone on the ice. If you missed it, Tom Wilson found himself in trouble with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. The Capitals officially eliminated the Rangers from playoff contention last night. However, that was nowhere near the main headline. Wilson added to his list of indefensible play when he smacked Pavel Buchnevich’s head into the ice, and then body slammed Artemiy Panarin.

In about a span of 25 seconds, Wilson sucker punch Buchnevich in the back of the head while he was laying on the ice and then body slammed a helmetless Panarin twice into the ice. He somehow only received a 10-minute misconduct for the incident.

Repeat Offender

Bruins fans are quite familiar with the dirtbag that is Tom Wilson. Earlier this season, Wilson laid a dirty hit on Bruin, Brandon Carlo. Wilson was suspended 7 games for the incident. The Carlo incident was far from Wilson’s first or worst offense. He was suspended the first 20 games of the 2018-2019 regular season because of a dirty hit on St. Louis’s Oskar Sundqvist in the pre-season finale. In addition to this, Wilson was suspended for three games in the 2018 playoffs when he hit Pittsburgh’s Zach Aston-Reese in the head which led to a broken jaw.

Must be a Suspendable Offense

For his actions against the Rangers last night, Wilson received a $5,000 fine, the maximum allowed under the current CBA.

The reactions to this news were not pretty to say the least. Everybody of hockey twitter (except for the Capitals and Capitals fans) were not happy with the Department of Player Safety’s ruling. From what I understand, the DoPS only takes past history into account when they deem a play to be suspendable. Beyond anyone’s comprehension, they somehow did not find Wilson’s actions last night to be suspendable.

I feel like this sign speaks for most hockey fans out there. There is no reason for Wilson to be the way he is. He is a tremendously talented hockey player, but for some reason decides to play like he has no skill. No one has more penalty minutes since Tom Wilson entered the league in 2013 than Tom Wilson. The man is a piece of garbage who does not belong in hockey.

Final Thoughts

About 20 minutes ago, the New York Rangers released an official statement.

Wilson’s actions cost Panarin the rest of his season and could have cost him his career or even his life. He body slammed a helmetless player and then tossed him around like a rag doll. If that is not a suspendable act, I do not know what is. The NHL’s Department of Player Safety is an absolute joke. They need to be held more accountable for keeping their players safe. If they want to keep the players safe, it starts with suspending Tom Wilson indefinitely, and George Parros stepping down.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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