Tom Brady’s Biggest Fan? Dez Bryant

Tom Brady has always been Dez Bryant’s favorite NFL QB, according to, well, Dez Bryant:

I think this comment indicates absolutely nothing as far as a Dez signing goes. Does it mean he’s interested? I mean, who wouldn’t want to play with the greatest QB of all time. So I would say yes, Dez Bryant is definitely interested in coming to New England. But do the Pats want him? That’s where I start to draw the line.

I’m not sold that the Patriots have any interest in signing Dez Bryant. If they were to go all in on him, why wouldn’t they have done so months ago? He’s been a free agent since April, and since then, the Patriots have shown absolutely 0 interest in signing him. Instead, they went out and drafted Braxton Berrios in the 6th round, picked up a couple un-drafted free agents, and signed Eric Decker. The fact that they chose Decker over him alone makes me feel like they want nothing to do with the 3X Pro Bowler.

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to take a flier on Bryant. I think a little motivation could go a long way for him. And what better form of motivation can a guy get than signing with the back-to-back AFC Champions? We’ve seen the Patriots take on career-redemption projects before, with Randy Moss being the most successful. Dez is nowhere near Moss as far as skill level goes, but they are certainly comparable situations. So while it is a move I wouldn’t be shocked to see based on the Patriots track record, I just don’t see this one being a reality.

I’m sure once I post this blog, Schefter will break the news that Dez just signed in New England. So for those who want to see Dez here, you can thank me.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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