Browns Offensive Line Coach Bob Wylie Is a Confirmed Anti-Stretching Guy Because They Didn’t Stretch In WWII

Every year there is a guy who becomes an absolute legend because of Hard Knocks. Usually, the NFL screws everything up but man, did they nail it with putting the Browns on for this season. Or maybe that was HBO’s choice. Whoever it was though needs a raise because this is prime television.

This week we got a heavy dose of Bob Wylie, the Browns offensive line coach. This clip above is almost so unbelievable that half of me wants to say that it was scripted. To even mildly suggest that athletes don’t need to stretch is an asinine take. I played Men’s Softball over the weekend in a tournament and blew out my hammy rounding third. It felt like I got shot. But maybe that’s the type of feeling Wylie wants his squad to have because his prime example? The World War’s America has participated in.

I mean, is he wrong? No. You think these MEN were limbering up before battling with the Nazis? Do you think while someone was coming in hot with one of those knives on the end of a gun, they said “Wo wo wo wo. Hold up. I haven’t stretched out yet give me like, three minutes and we can resume”. No.

Bob Wylie’s onto something and that’s indisputable. Go into every game cold. When I have a kid, he isn’t stretching. Is that how the free world continued their dominance in the 1940s? You better believe that that’s not the case.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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