Tom Brady Quit on the Patriots

The GOAT, the greatest to ever play the game, the ultimate competitor, the best player to ever don a Patriots uniform quit on his team.

Fascinating stuff, oh what can’t winning fix? It makes all the sense in the world now, the man who has held Pick #199 on his shoulder like a cross his entire career suddenly dropped it and became Jay Cutler because of one road loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It makes me wonder about all of the other times Brady has checked out and quit on his team because the game plan wasn’t revolved around him. You imagine it happens quite a bit seeing as the Patriots gameplay from week to week is a chameleon disguised to attack their opponents weakest spot.

Running Attack Over Brady’s Arm

Remember Lagarrette Blount’s big day in the freezing rain against Buffalo in 2013?

Pats didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, Brady certainly checked out after this game for sure!

We all remember the Jonas Gray game too. You remember Jonas Gray. The guy who runs for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns over the Colts? That’s a game that clearly Brady was not featured in.

Man how did we not see the signs of a checked out Tom Brady here because Satan himself Bill Belichick decided to humiliate his franchise QB with a game plan that featured running the ball with a no name back! Not to mention but later this season Blount ran all over the Colts in the AFC Championship! Another absolute slap in the face! I’m not sure how you interpretet otherwise.

The 2018 Playoffs

Ok, enough memories, back to the 2018 season in question where Brady really checked out. In the divisional round the Pats stuffed the ball down the Chargers throat with Sony Michel and his three touchdowns. Just two for Brady, let’s see how he responds to that when asked directly.

Wait wait wait, I thought he was livid that the Pats went to a primarily running offense. Why is he praising a rookie in Sony Michel and the offensive line? Perhaps he’s just so done with the Patriots that he can’t even hear the question.

Then again his classic line “Everyone thinks we suck, and can’t win a game” was a rallying cry for the team and their fans, surely a guy who is just done and trying to get this other with wouldn’t say that right?

This guy checks out so much and is so done with Belichick’s shenanigans that he leads them down the field in OT, in a deafening Arrowhead, to go to the Super Bowl. It’s odd that the Pats didn’t rely on Michel, White or Burkhead to get them down the field here, instead of a disinterested Brady. Each of those 3rd down completions looked so, “meh, I don’t care” to me.

He could not have cared any less about this game? Chalk this one up to the same image as Ladainian Tomlinson sitting on the bench during the 2007 AFC Championship game.LT

HAHAHAHAHAHA there it is. God do I love this picture. One year after LT complained about the Patriots doing the, Sean Merriman, “Lights Out” dance and saying that the lack of class and character with the team must stem from Belichick himself.

He had a chance to come into Foxboro, and not just go to the Super Bowl, but knock off the Patriots undefeated season. And he gets hurt on his like first or second touch of the game and spends the rest of the day on the bench, with his helmet and tinted visor on too ashamed to show his face. That is beautiful, poetry to me, don’t start none and there won’t be none LT!

“Checked Out”

Anyways back to Brady. If you can’t tell by now, I will let you in on the joke, I am being sarcastic. That’s absolutely ridiculous to try and say he checks out after the Steelers loss. Watch the following clip and tell me if this guy completely checks or not.

Someone asks MJ if he’s mad about a post season loss and he says “No, why should I be?” We all just watched the documentary, we all saw that he was the ultimate competitor. And then someone asks “You don’t care?” and he responds “Oh there’ll be a dog fight tomorrow.”

Final Thoughts

No doubt in my mind this was Brady after the Steelers. Is he mad? Sure, but in no way does he “check out”. I bet he was saying the exact same things as Jordan was in this clip. But to say he “checked out” after a loss or was mad that the Patriots switched to a more successful and efficient offense in order to win football games is just grasping at straws here.

And my official response to this is the classic quote from the prodigal mind of Carmelo Anthony, ‘FOH”

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