Tom Brady Officially Inks a Two Year Deal with…the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (*sigh*)

You know, 2020 can kick rocks right now. Seriously, it can! Think about how bad of a start to the new decade it’s been for Boston sports fans. The Bruins lead the NHL in points? Corona puts the season on hold. The Celtics are one of the better teams in the NBA? Corona puts THAT season on hold. Mookie Betts and David Price? They get traded to the Dodgers. Now? We have Tom Brady officially signing a two year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As always with any sports topics, I have some thoughts.

Brady’s Treating This Like He’s a Rookie Again

#Year1. Even a seasoned veteran like Brady knows he’s in a whole other world now. He won’t have the familiarity aspect like he has for the past 20 seasons. It’s a whole new world (shoutout Aladdin!) out there for Brady. But, he does have some great assets including Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, O.J. Howard, and head coach Bruce Arians. He’s going to have to learn a whole new playbook, play style, and culture of football in Tampa Bay. But in true Tom Brady fashion, he’ll accept the challenge head on.

The Bucs are Excited…to Say the Least!

The Buccaneers are excited, and they should be! When was the last time you can remember the Bucs having something to be really excited about? When Jon Gruden was traded from the Raiders in 2002? Maybe? I don’t blame the Bucs at all for being this excited. I would be too. The Buccaneers will continue to add pieces now that Brady is officially in the fold. The ticket sales? Forget about those, they’ll be selling like hot cakes! Tampa Bay Bucs fans, you got a good one with you now. Take care of him, okay?

Pats Fans Continue to Torment Themselves

This video is sad. Just flat out sad! Anytime you include a Toy Story themed video with something like this, it hits me right in the feels. But the message stays the same. We’re giving up our older toy and giving it to somebody else that needs it. Not to say we don’t need Tom Brady, but we needed to move on to a new chapter at some point. We were just all hoping that would be retirement. Patriots fans continue to be sad about what has evolved, and this video doesn’t help matters one bit.

In Conclusion

The deal is officially done. Tom Brady is a Buccaneer (still weird to say/type) and it’s time to close the book on the Brady/Belichick era. The Bucs have two years to contend for a championship with Brady in the fold. The Patriots? Well, now is the time we’ve all been dreading. What will a Tom Brady-less Patriots team look like? Buckle up Pats fans, because we’re about to find out!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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