Tom Brady Benefited Josh Gordon’s Career

This is exactly what Josh Gordon needed to happen when he was traded to New England back in September, Tom Brady. A lot of people criticized the Patriots for giving the wide-receiver a chance. However, the Patriots were the perfect team for him in order to get his career back on track. Tom Brady is a guy who is very persistent with perfection, expects everyone to know what they are doing on every single play. Josh Gordon,who wasn’t really around that type of environment in Cleveland, had to make a decision, whether to cooperate or to be a bust.

  Since joining the Patriots, Gordon has played in nine games, all which  he has started. He has 34 receptions with 605 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Tom Brady has found Gordon as a reliable target. Gordon said earlier this week that he looks up to Brady. He follows suit of how he preps for each game and continues to find ways to perfect his game. The leadership of Tom Brady has helped Gordon become a better player. He hasn’t been a problem in the locker room and everyone on the team, like Julian Edelman, have nothing but high praise for Gordon.

   A guy who had problem with substance abuse, and so much talent, Tom Brady was the right person Gordon needed. He went from a culture that wasn’t use to winning, to a culture who expects to be in the Super Bowl every year. People kept saying that this isn’t the “Patriot way.” However, this team had struggles at the beginning of the year and decided they needed to take a chance. Gordon has paid off for the Patriots and the ability of Brady taking him under his wing, has made it a worth while investment. Gordon and Brady will continue to develop their chemistry as the regular season winds down. Hopefully it develops into another successful playoff run and Gordon continues to be the player that he is supposed to be, a great one.  

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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