Todd Angilly Is The Next Garden Legend


Not If you happened to miss the Bruins Game 2 segment on Todd Angilly, shame on you. All this segment proved to me was that Todd is going to be the next pre-game Bruins icon.

It is no enviable task to be the guy who tries to replace Rene Rancourt. His fist pumps were synonymous with Bruins home playoff games. He sang the anthem the way it is supposed to, with pride. Rancourt is a former Army Ranger and he got his start with singing the Anthem before Boston sports at Fenway in 1975 during the World Series. Starting in 1976 he became a staple of the National Anthem at Bruins home games.

He also gave us one of the most iconic moments of this century, just days after the Boston Marathon bombing.

No one will ever be able to replace Rene in the hearts of Boston. No one envies the guy who is supposed to be his replacement, but the Bruins did a damn good job of finding one.

Meet Todd Angilly.

Not only does he have the vocal cords to belt out one of the greatest musical works known to man (‘Murica, Hell ya), but he is also a bartender at the Garden. Oh yea, and a Probation Officer.




Todd is well on his way to becoming a permanent pregame fixture.


Now we just need to get Todd to throw in his own version of the fist pumps at the end.

-Dillon Leary


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