Time’s Ticking For Rob Gronkowski To Return

The Patriots are finishing off a bye week. They are scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday at 4:25 PM, EST, in a rematch of Super Bowl LII. There are many questions that the Patriots will need to answer. Will they bounce back after a tough loss at Baltimore? Are the Patriots as legit as we thought in the first half of the season? But one of the biggest questions has to be this: will Rob Gronkowski come back?

Ian Rapaport hits the nail on the head here. Gronk has until Saturday November 30th, 4:00 PM, EST, to report back to the Patriots if he wants to be on the active roster. I think we all agree that Gronk would be a big help to the Patriots offense. But ultimately, it’s up to Gronk to step back onto the field.

My Personal Prediction

I just don’t see Gronk coming back. He’s happier now than when he was actually playing in the NFL. We heard all of the stories about the injuries, recovery, sleepless nights, etc. for Gronk. He has his partnership with CBD products as well as several analyst jobs. Why would he come back now? He already has his three Super Bowl titles. I REALLY hope Gronk proves me wrong and comes back. But right now, I just think Gronk isn’t 100% mentally ready to return to the NFL.

In Conclusion

The clock is going for our beloved Gronk. We all know about how Robert Kraft wanted Gronk back after the last Super Bowl win. But then again, what’s Kraft going to say? “Thanks for everything, now scram!”? Yeah no, that wasn’t going to happen! Gronk would be a huge asset to the Patriots offense. Teams would have to re-scheme against the Patriots and it would leave more room for creativity in the offense. Do the right thing here, Gronk. Give it one more go!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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