Three way too early predictions for the New England Patriots in 2022

It’s way too early, I know. I get it, it’s only June and the Boston Celtics are on their way to the NBA Finals. So why are we thinking about the New England Patriots going into their 2022 season? Well, because there are a lot of questions heading into the season. Who will be calling the offensive plays? What will the offensive line look like? Will the Patriots make it back to the playoffs for a second consecutive season? These are legit questions. But before we answer those questions, let’s get into three way too early predictions for the New England Patriots in 2022.

The New England Patriots get a big jump from Mac Jones in 2022

This is the most important thing heading into the 2022 season if you’re a New England Patriots fan, right? Mac Jones had a very productive rookie campaign in 2021, leading the Patriots to 10 wins and a Wild Card berth. But now we have to see the progression from Mac Jones to get to an elite level for an NFL quarterback. Will he limit the turnovers? Can he lead a game winning drive more than once a season? These are thing we need to see from Jones in his second season. The off-season buzz around Mac Jones is all positive. Now we have to see it in action from the first day of training camp.

A bounceback season from James White

James White going down in week three of the 2021 season was so disappointing. White is a crucial part of the Patriots offensive attack. He could’ve continued to be a safety blanket for Mac Jones if coverages broke down. Seeing White go down in week three at Gillette was absolutely heartbreaking. But we all know James White will bounce back. He’ll be the receiving back that Mac Jones missed out on for 15 weeks last season. Expect a big year in 2022 for James White!

The New England Patriots surprise a lot of people in 2022

I’m going to leave this to interpretation. I do think this team can win 10 games with their schedule. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong. But they have some winnable games on the schedule too. If the defense comes together and the offense takes a jump with being together for a second year, people will be pleasantly surprised with the Patriots in 2022.

In Conclusion

Here are three way too early predictions for you all to let marinate and consider. What are some early season predictions you have for the Patriots? Feel free to let us know @CouchGuySports on Twitter!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: si.com

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