Stanley Cup: Conference Finals Predictions

The 2nd round has come and gone. Went 8-0 in first round predictions and 1-3 in second round predictions. My Stanley Cup winner and runner-up both got bounced from the last round, so we are now down to four teams.


Eastern Conference Finals: Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers

Rangers beating the Hurricanes was a shocker, but if the Hurricanes had Anderson in net any part of that series, than it may be a different story. Even though Shesterkin has had the better season, Vasilevskiy is the better goalie. Back-to-back Stanley Cup champions for. reason and looking to make it 3. The Rangers have gotten a little bit of luck to fall their way the last two series. Penguins played their 2nd and 3rd string backups from game 2 to 7. Also against the Hurricanes, they played against their 2nd and 3rd string as well and both series went seven games. It sure seems that if either one of those teams had their starter, than they would have won the series, but its the playoffs and there are always injuries. The Lightning on the other hand, proved last series that they should still be the favorite by sweeping the Presidents trophy winner Florida Panthers, by sweeping them in 4. The Lightning will be fine regardless is Point returns for the series.


Prediction- Lightning in 6



Western Conference Finals: Colorado Avalanche vs Edmonton Oilers



Now this is the series where all the eyes are going to be watching. So many superstars are playing in this series. This series is going to come down to the goalies. Mike Smith is definitely close to retiring so this may be his last run and Darcy is trying his best to not mess up with a loaded team in Colorado. McDavid has been unreal this playoffs and I don’t think it will stop. This series is tough to pick because both teams are so good. Don’t like betting against Mcdavid, but I also don’t like betting against Colorado. Edmonton has been improving and Colorado showed glimpses of struggle against the Blues. I’m going with the upset and taking the Oilers. If Mcdavid gets shut down by the Av’s then they will lose, but he is playing insane right now, so I’m hoping on the train


Prediction- Oilers in 7



-Ryan Veal(@TheVealmobile on Twitter)



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