Three players the Celtics should NOT trade away

The Boston Celtics currently sit at 18-19. They are showing signs of being consistently inconsistent. If we’re going to be honest, they are about as unpredictable as they come. Lose to the Timberwolves, but then beat the second best team in the West in the Suns with ease? I don’t know how that happens. So anyway, let’s think about next season. We know the Celtics most likely aren’t getting rid of Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. So they are excluded from this debate. So here are three other players that the Celtics should NOT trade away.

The Celtics Should NOT Trade Away: Robert Williams

Robert Williams should not be traded in any package. He’s the man in the middle that makes lives tough for opponents coming into the paint. Williams continue to show an improving offensive game as well. You also just signed Williams to a four year contract in the off-season. Williams is a young piece that compliment Brown and Tatum nicely for years to come. Whatever you do, do NOT trade away Robert Williams.

Payton Pritchard

This might be a controversial take, but if I’m the Celtics; I’m keeping Payton Pritchard. Pritchard is a guy that can spread the floor for the Celtics really well. He’s also smart and doesn’t turn the ball over. Pritchard picks and chooses when he shoots and he’s actually a good shooter. Offensive efficiency goes up when Pritchard is on the floor with Brown and Tatum. Do not get rid of Payton Pritchard.

Romeo Langford

Romeo Langford is a guy that should stay if the team decides to blow it up. Langford has been a guy that couldn’t stay healthy to start his NBA career. Now that he’s playing, he can do some things. He can play defense on the perimeter very well. We’re seeing his outside shooting get continuously better. We’ve known that Langford can drive to the basket well. The pieces are coming together. I wouldn’t trade Romeo Langford unless the deal absolutely blows you away.

In Conclusion

These are three guys you should keep on your roster if you’re the Celtics. They’re all young, improving, and can contribute. Obviously, a deal that is too difficult to pass up can have anyone on the move. But assuming the Celtics don’t make any significant splashes, keep these three in the fold.

Photo Courtesy: nba.com

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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