The BFLO Sports Podcast: Episode 9

Episode number 9 of the BFLO Sports podcast was a jam packed one. I recapped the Buffalo Bills win over the Atlanta Falcons to clinch a playoff spot and previewed the Bills last game against the New York Jets. After that, the Buffalo Sabres continue to struggle. From their COVID outbreak to in-game talk, they were discussed on the episode as well. Lastly, the Buffalo Bandits are finally back in action. I talked about the special cause that will take place Saturday night as the team will host the Toronto Rock. Let’s go into a more in-depth discussion of what was talked about on the most recent episode of the BFLO Sports podcast.

Topics Discussed

The Bills clinched a spot in the playoffs for the 4th time in 5 years. They beat the Falcons to do that and I recapped what went down. With the Bills being in the playoffs, I talked about how much it means to me to see the team in the postseason year in and year out. Buffalo has a chance to win the AFC East for a second straight season. In order to do that, they have to beat the New York Jets. I previewed that game a little bit.

Unfortunately, the Buffalo Sabres continue to struggle. The team is still unfortunately batting COVID-19 and I discussed that topic. They also are having trouble playing a full 60 minute game last week as they lost all 3 games that were played. Lastly, the Buffalo Bandits are finally back in action after a couple of weeks off. The game itself will be emotional as they will host the Toronto Rock. I shedded some light on why it will be emotional.

Where You Can Find The Podcast

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. With that being said, sit back, relax and enjoy the latest episode of the BFLO Sports podcast!!


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