Three NBA free agents the Celtics should be looking at

It’s very clear that the Boston Celtics are going in a completely new direction this year. They’re trying to get rid of big contacts and get back to playing tough, hard-nosed defense. It all started with the hiring of Ime Udoka. Followed by the trades of Kemba Walker and Tristan Thompson. Now? We pay attention to the Celtics in free agency. Who should be three guys that the Celtics should realistically target once free agency opens tonight at 6:00 PM EST? I have a few names in mind!

Celtics Free Agency Target #1: Lonzo Ball

The Boston Celtics supposedly have interest in Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball. Now, I know what some of you might be thinking right away. Lavar Ball would be a huge pain in the neck! You’re probably right. But honestly, Ball would be an amazing fit for the Celtics. He’s a young point guard who loves to facilitate the floor and spread out the offense. He’d be a great piece alongside Tatum and Brown. Plus, Ball wouldn’t break the bank either. Would he really miss out on the chance to play with two guys in similar age and heading toward stardom? I don’t think so!

Free Agency Target #2: Patty Mills

This one might be a little easier. Patty Mills is a quality veteran point guard that would be great on a young Celtics team. Plus, Mills is an unrestricted free agent. Lonzo Ball is a restricted free agent. So if the Celtics offer Ball an offer sheet and New Orleans matches it, then the Celtics lose out. Mills might also cost a little bit more. But that leadership and quality play are two skills we just can’t ignore as Celtics fans.

Free Agency Target #3: Lauri Markkanen

This one may be coming way out of left field. But honestly, this is something Brad Stevens should explore. Markannen is entering his age 24 season. He averaged 14 points a game last season with the Chicago Bulls. Now granted, this move would be great as long as it wasn’t;t the only move the Celtics made in free agency. But Markannen could serve as a nice bench piece. Plus, he has a ton of upside. This would be a weird move, but one that the Celtics could benefit from in the potential long term.

In Conclusion

The Celtics during free agency will be an interesting story to monitor. We know they need to shake up their roster. So far, Brad Stevens has done just that. Do I expect fireworks from the Celtics during free agency? No, and neither should you! But could I see a few impactful signings? Yes absolutely! We’ll see what happens starting tonight. Brad, it’s your time to shine.

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