Three key components for the Giants to make playoffs

1- The Giants Can Make Playoffs with a Healthy Saquon Barkley 

When the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley second overall in 2018 the expectations were high. The Giants knew they were getting a once in a generation running back. The Giants were getting a leader, a great teammate, and a running back that could do it all out of the back field. When healthy, Saquon is one of the top 5 NFL running backs. He can impact the game in many significant ways. At his best he will take a lot of the pressure of Daniel Jones, the offensive line, and wide receivers who are trying to do too much currently. I believe Saquon Barkley will stay healthy and win NFL comeback player of the year. He’ll prove to people he is still the Saquon Barkley that we remember. 

2- Daniel Jones Taking the Third Year Leap 

People can say what they want about Daniel Jones. But, I’m a firm believer that he is indeed a franchise quarterback for this team. When watching Daniel Jones play, you see that he can make every throw that an NFL quarterback needs to make and we see on the field that he has speed, toughness, and the desire to win. The biggest concerns for Daniel Jones have been fumbles and interceptions. I believe that these issues were not all his fault. He has lacked offensive weapons and a steady offensive line which have resulted in some of his big turnovers. With the offensive weapons that the Giants added for Daniel Jones this offseason and a healthy Saquon Barkley, as well as steady offensive line play, I believe Daniel Jones will make the third year leap and prove his doubters wrong. 

3- Defense Wins Championships

There’s an old cliche in football that defense wins championships and I firmly believe in it. When the Giants made their previous Super Bowl runs, it was always the defense that kept us in games and were the anchor to a successful team. The Giants defense showed last year that they were one of he most talented, fun to watch, and improved defensive lines as the season went on. The Giants are in good hands with Patrick Graham as their defensive coordinator. His defensive scheme is always changing. He is always adapting week to week. This gets the most out of his players and makes them all want to play for him. The biggest factor to this defense will be the Giants secondary and they are loaded up. They will continue to make big plays for this team all season long. The biggest question for this defense will be pass rushing, but I believe that with what we did in the draft and if some defensive players can stay healthy, the pass rush will hold the zone. The New York Giants will be a top ten defense this year leading us to the playoffs. In Joe Judge, I believe in leading this team. I feel the Giants will surprise a lot people this season as they make their return to the playoffs.

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-Chris Addorisio (@addorisio19)

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