Thoughts on the First Capitals Preseason Game

The Capitals and Bruins wrapped up their first preseason game of the year in Washington. The Bruins may have pulled off the win in the shootout, but in the end it’s about the young players vying for a spot in the lineup, not the winner. We saw many of the Capitals’ young players on the ice tonight, most of them for the first time in a long time. Here are just a few quick thoughts as the Capitals preseason gets underway.


As I said last week, I think Martin Fehervary will have a spot on the roster. Tonight, he proved that he does, in fact, deserve it. He had an assist on Garret Pilon’s goal in the second period, but that was only one factor to his game. Fehervary showed off his speed, his quick hands, and his passing abilities. While it was in no way a perfect game, it gave him plenty of time to prove to the coaching staff that he is the right pick.


Joe Snively isn’t a huge blip on my radar normally. Tonight, however, he forced me to pay attention. He’s a local Virginia boy who grew up in Capitals country, so I’m sure getting to suit up in that uniform meant a lot to him. I’m sure it also meant a lot to him that he scored the opening goal to the preseason. He wasn’t the most impressive player the whole game, but he came out swinging in the first period. Snively was tough and positioned himself well, both contributing factors to his goal. He may not earn a permanent spot, but I think he’s given the Capitals reason enough to consider him for future call-ups.


Another player I never gave much of a look, Beck Malenstyn immediately knew his role and stuck to it. He had 7 hits and 2 blocked shots in under 12 minutes of ice time. That’s 7 more hits than Tom Wilson was credited. He isn’t a playmaker or goalscorer, but he’s a solid presence who seemed to me like a good foil to the Bruins’ Clifton. Would he be able to match Clifton’s 108 hits from last season? Hard to say. Tonight, though, he did well to start the Capitals preseason.


If I’m honest, McMichael was a little lackluster. I wasn’t expecting him to score 4 goals or anything. I did think he would be a little more precise. He tried a few flashy moves that fell flat when he seemed to misjudge how fast the Bruins could move. He had one of the better faceoff percentages for the team, but it wasn’t enough to elevate his performance overall. And that shootout attempt seemed to highlight a potential lack of forethought. He may not be ready for the NHL full time, and that’s okay.


Daniel Sprong may not be a prospect, as he has a roster spot pretty much sealed already, but he was out to impress. He was sharp and showed just how well-rounded his game. He had 2 shots, a hit, a blocked shot, and a takeaway in under 20 minutes of ice time. Sprong was everywhere and doing everything. The more I see him, the more I like him. If he isn’t a regular in the top 6 and the second power play unit this season, I’ll be shocked.

Final Thoughts

I really love preseason games. Maybe I have more of a mind for personnel management, but I really enjoy seeing young players or players we don’t always see, showcasing their abilities. I like seeing what a team is like without superstars in the mix. I love seeing prospects grow from year to year, seeing their hard work eventually pay off. So I’m really excited after tonight’s game. I’ll be at the next Caps/Bruins matchup in the Garden to get even more insight into these newer players. I hope to see many different faces in the next couple of days, as well.

-Heidi Thomas (@DamselOnDrums)

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