Thor Bjornsson Breaks World Deadlift Record of 1,104 Pounds

Over the weekend, Thor Bjornsson (The Mountain in Game of Thrones) broke Eddie Hall’s four year world record for heaviest deadlift.  I watched it live and it was absolutely incredible to see a human being be able to lift 1,104 pounds or 501 kilograms with millions of people watching you.  I didn’t know Thor was going for this record. Honestly, I kinda just stumbled across it and was amazed by the whole thing.  He had three chances to break it and used the first two as a warm up round and then proceeded to crush his NEW one-rep max!

Of course, when someone breaks a record there are going to be haters and previous record holder Eddie Hall was leading the pack.  Not knocking Eddie Hall, but that guy didn’t talk to reporters after or kiss his wife.  No, he was rushed to the hospital because he developed mashed potato brains trying to lift 500 kilos.  His body broke.  Not Thor though, oh no he destroyed it and couldn’t have shut the haters up any better.  You also have to hate the people who said “doesn’t count, he was at his home gym.”  Okay?  What does that have to do with the fact that 1,104 pounds is 1,104 pounds and being able to lift that at home or in a professional gym is different?

The answer is nothing.  People just love to complain… including Eddie Hall.  Who was doing 180 after 180 this weekend.  He knew Thor was going to beat his record. So, he started to shit talk him by saying “It can’t be done” and “Doesn’t count it’s at his house.”  Then immediately congratulated him on Twitter and Instagram like he wasn’t just bad mouthing him a day ago.  I kinda have to respect that crazy person move by Hall.  And then to top it all off, apparently they are going to be boxing now??  According to Thor’s Instagram, the fight is in 2021 in Las Vegas.  I mean obviously this is a money grab but still just a weird five days for Thor and Eddie Hall.

Overall, congratulations to Thor.  He deserves it.  That is maybe one of the more impressive things I have seen an athlete accomplish.  I would love to make this a yearly thing too.  Like just get the top 5 strongest men and have them duke it out. I’m talking bench press, deadlift, and squats for a championship.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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