This New PI Rule is Going to Ruin Football Sunday

The NFL passed a new rule allowing coaches to challenge the rulings on pass interference calls or non-call pass interference calls. Also, all plays that happen under two minutes, will be subject to a booth review. What a terrible rule. I get it, you want to get the right call but this is your answer? Games are going to be prolonged and will make it more difficult in watching a game that is being stopped more often.

The non-call that happened in the NFC Championship game this past January was atrocious. However, people forget that the Saints kicked the go-ahead field goal and had a chance to stop the Rams on a two-minute drive. They were unsuccessful. If the Saints had ended up winning that game, obviously, there would not have even been a discussion. It did happen, but I feel this rule change is just not the correct call.

Pick plays, 3rd & 4’s, or Hail Mary’s, will now be most likely be challenged, adding five to seven minutes of review, and changing the rhythm of the game. Understand, making rule changes are difficult. Instead of just throwing any rule change right into the game, especially this one, why not test the new rule in the pre-season? The rule can then be evaluated and determined as to whether it should be applied or taken away before the start of the regular season.

I just don’t like this rule. The game already has delays and this rule will cause further. I see a slower game. Maybe the NFL should have stronger reviews of their referees. I really hope this doesn’t change the game in a dramatic way but guess we’ll have to wait until September to find out.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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