This is Bigger Than Sports

Hi guys,

This week I had planned to break down the NBA’s return to play, the potential playoff bracket, and my pick for this years Finals Champions. But since I wrote that article a lot has happened and I don’t feel it would be appropriate to move forward this week as planned.

The country is in the midst of a truly historic time. The murder of George Floyd sparked massive protests all over the country about issues that have this prevailed in the United States for far too long: the deep-rooted systemic racism and oppression of people of color.

This is much, much bigger than sports.

I am saddened and horrified by the continued violence against black people stand with people of color all over the United States in unequivocal support of the movement for an America free of racism. And while I could spend hours behind this keyboard writing about my support, the truth is as a white person, I am not qualified to speak about the intricacies of racism and the systems that have perpetuated it throughout history. Instead I believe my time is better spent listening and learning. Listening to the stories of injustice and racism faced by both the people of color I know and those around the country. Learning the ways in which I can shed my privilege and become a true ally. I urge you to do the same.

Take some time to listen to their stories. Don’t be afraid to use your voice but be quick to listen and slow to speak. Now is not the time for debate. If it feels overwhelming and you just want to stop listening, lean in. Don’t use your privilege to step away from the problems you’re hearing about. Not everyone can. If you’re looking for materials to help take that next step, look here. Let’s spend less time sharing and more time learning.

Black. Lives. Matter.

-Nick Hannigan (Twitter: @TheNickHannigan)

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