Does Anybody Have $150 Million So I Can Go To Space?

First things first, who knew space suits were $150 million? If I had to guess I would have said $3 thousand tops. And I don’t know how going to space works but I know you can’t just send one person. So now we are talking half a billion dollars at the very least? That’s almost the GDP of Switzerland! I was never a big conspiracy guy but now I think they may have faked the moon landing.

I’m so in on space though. That shit looks so fun. Who knows what’s out there! Not me that’s for sure. How do we know there isn’t something super cool? And I’m not talking about aliens. Aliens are so 2014. What if that’s where all the dinosaurs have been hanging out? They saw humans and were just like peace we are going to space. And guess what, we didn’t know because the moon landing was fake! Suck it Neil Armstrong! My venmo is @jonathan-Sensi if you want to send me to space. Who’s a space cadet now dad!!

-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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