They Played for Who?

It’s rare for players to play their entire career for one team. Yes the Derek Jeters and Dirk Nowitzkis exist but more times than not, players will have put on another team’s jersey. With the Last Dance out recently, we were reminded of Jordan’s time in DC and Pippen’s time in Portland. Today, we are going to take a look back at some stars who played for teams that you might not remember.

Mark Messier – Vancouver Canucks

Messier is most known for his time in Edmonton with Gretzky and for his time in New York when he captained the Rangers to a Stanley Cup. What many hockey fans do not remember is that he actually captained the Canucks for a few seasons as well. Messier signed with the Canucks in 1997 as a free agent. Messier was thought to be the missing piece to a Canucks franchise that just lost the Cup to Messier’s Rangers 3 years prior. The Canucks had star players like Alex Mogilny, Trevor Linden, and the Russian Rocket, Pavel Bure. The Canucks expected to compete, but instead fell off a cliff. Just 16 games into the season, GM Pat Quinn and head coach Tom Renney were both fired. The Canucks never succeeded with Messier, and is still considered one of the most hated players in franchise history.

Kurt Warner – New York Giants

After quarterbacking the Greatest Show on Turf, Kurt Warner was brought to the New York Giants. He was signed as a free agent to be a stop gap at the position until Eli Manning was ready. Warner was in New York for one season and once Manning took over the starting job, Warner was out the door. He went to the Cardinals where he and Larry Fitzgerald made a great combo. He nearly brought a Super Bowl to Arizona but they just lost to the Steelers. Warner may be best known for his time in St. Louis, but Giants fans remember him as the guy right before Eli.

Mike Piazza – Florida Marlins

Mike Piazza is best know for his time with the Mets and Dodgers. But did you know that sprinkled in between those two, he spent a week down in Florida? The Marlins traded for Piazza (in a deal that included Gary Sheffield) and then shipped him off to New York about a week later. He played 5 games for the Marlins, drove in 5 runs, and hit .278 before going to Queens. Piazza had himself a nice career that culminated in him becoming the second player to don a Mets cap in Cooperstown. However, it is always funny to look back and see him in Marlin teal.

Martin Brodeur – St. Louis Blues

Martin Brodeur is obviously known for his career with the New Jersey Devils. He won three Stanley Cups with the Devils, but did you know he actually finished his career with the St. Louis Blues? In 2014-2015, Brodeur played 7 games with the Blues and started 5 of them. He actually made an appearance in the alumni game for the Blues when they played in the Winter Classic a few years ago. He is currently a member of the Blues front office.

Final Thoughts

There are countless other options I could have chosen (like Hakeem with the Raptors or Ewing with the Super Sonics) but those are posted everytime someone writes an article like this. I wanted to focus on some of the lesser reported on ones. I could have chosen Randy Johnson with the Astros or Dominik Hasek with the Senators, but those might come in a part 2. For now, I leave you with these. Take your time and look at these pictures; they certainly are very strange.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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