Can the Celtics Bounce Back?

After a devastating game three lost, the Celtics look to redeem themselves in tonight’s game 4. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Celtics in game 3 when OG Anunoby’s hit a 3-pointer with less than one second. Celtic fans are now asking the question will the team be able to bounce back or fall over flat.

The Celtics have had control of the first three games of this series, and instead of being up 3-0, they find themselves up 2-1 allowing the Raptors back in the series. If you recall, in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Raptors dropped the first two games and then went onto the NBA Finals.  We all know what happened next.

The Celtics find themselves in a situation where they need to re-focus, play disciplined basketball, and stay together as a team.  I believe they can overcome Game 3 and rise to the occasion. All these questions should be answered tonight.

I believe the Celtics will bounce back tonight and overcome the adversity. Game 3 should be a wake-up call. Although this may sound crazy, I feel this could be a good thing for the Celtics, this being their first loss of the playoffs. Being humbled in the second round could help this young team make a deeper run in the playoffs. I’m excited and looking forward to tonight’s game.

Zachary Connell (@Zackconnell2)


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