They Played for Who? Part 5

Today, we are bringing back an old series. This one was one of my favorites and it has been a while since our last installment of “They Played for Who?” In this series, we try to cover one player from each major sport that played for a team you might not remember. For example, Mark Messier played for the Canucks, Tracy McGrady played for the Knicks, and Emmitt Smith played for the Cardinals. These are players who are known for playing for one or two primary clubs, but made their home somewhere else for a little while. With all that said, let’s get into it.

Mike Modano – Detroit Red Wings

Not many people remember Mike Modano as a Red Wing

Mike Modano played every season but one with the same franchise. He was drafted first overall in the 1988 Entry Draft by the Minnesota North Stars. He played his first couple of seasons in Minnesota before the franchise picked up and moved to Dallas. Modano signed a contract with the Detroit Red Wings after 20 years with the Stars. He played 40 games with the Red Wings, recording 15 total points. Modano ended his career by signing a one-day contract with the Stars. He was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame in 2014.

Donovan McNabb – Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb was drafted 2nd overall in the 1999 NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles. He has himself a heck of a career as an Eagle. He brought the Eagles to a Super Bowl where they fell to the New England Patriots. Out of his 13 year career, he spent 11 of them with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also spent one season in Washington and one season in Minnesota. As a Viking, he went 1-5 in the only 6 games he played in for them. Not the most heralded Vikings quarterback ever.

Keith Hernandez – Cleveland Indians

Keith Hernandez is a Cardinals and Mets legend. He helped both squads win a championship. In addition, he won an MVP during his time in St. Louis. But who remembers his time with the Cleveland Indians? I certainly don’t. And it is not just because I was not born yet. I listen to Keith on an almost daily basis as he is one of the TV guys for the Mets. He has provided some hilarious sound bites over the years, but I never remember him talking about his time in Cleveland. He appeared in 43 games with the Indians and ended his career there. It was an injury riddled season that concluded what should have been a hall of fame career.

Jason Kidd – Phoenix Suns

When I think of Jason Kidd, I immediately think of the New Jersey Nets. He was drafted 2nd overall in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Dallas Mavericks. I remember hearing about his first stint with the Mavericks and watching his second stint. However, I have no recollection of him being a Phoenix Sun. I am only reminded of this when I visit my parents house and break out NBA Street for the PS2 where he is on the Suns. He spent more than a few seasons in the desert, but I never seem to think of him there.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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