There’s No Way Isaiah Thomas Would Come Back to Boston… Right?

Danny Ainge sent shock waves through the basketball world when he traded Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers this past Summer.

Many people were surprised that Ainge could move on from a guy who did as much for the city of Boston as IT did. But in doing so, he was able to acquire a franchise-altering talent in Kyrie Irving. You have to pull the trigger on that deal 10 times out of 10 if you’re a GM.

When he was first traded, you could tell that IT was hurting. We all know how much he loved Boston. There were numerous occasions where he bashed management for the decision, saying that he would ever speak to Danny Ainge again. He even released a multi-part documentary which featured multiple scenes detailing his struggles of coping with the trade. But he NEVER bad mouthed the city or its fans. He’s always been respectful in that aspect.

Let’s get to my point now. In a short little Q&A on Twitter last night, a fan asked IT if there was a chance he could return to Boston this Summer when he hits free agency. Here’s what he had to say:

His response to this question triggers me big time. The whole point of trading IT was because he was going to ask the Celtics for too much money when his contract expires this Summer. They sold high on him before it was too late. But with the season he’s coming off now, chances are he doesn’t get the payday that he was expecting. This begs me to ask, would he actually consider a return to Boston?

I’m sure he would consider it, but there’s no way it actually happens. I don’t think the Celtics one, can afford him and two, really even need him. How do you expect a guy who is only a year removed from averaging about 30 points a game to come off the bench for the same team that traded him because they thought he wasn’t good enough? That was a mouth full, but you get the idea.

I think Isaiah’s love for Boston is strong, but we hurt him. What Ainge did cut him deep. And sure, the Celtics need scoring help off the bench, but I don’t think they have to look there again. You can find a bench scorer anywhere else and probably for cheaper. The Isaiah Thomas ship has sailed out of Boston, and I wouldn’t come back here if I were him.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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