Milwaukee Brewers Already Won The World Series After Dropping A Sandlot Skit

This is incredible. The Milwaukee Brewers have been semi quiet. Not too much going on and we aren’t honing in on these studs in Milwaukee. And then out of the woodwork they drop an Oscar worthy performance on all of us. Straight out of the trees.

We’re all trying to pay attention to March Madness. Buzzer beaters and upsets are dropping like bombs  around us. We never know what’s coming. NOTHING-besides Tiger Woods-can pull us from the tournament. And then the Brewers go knock knock, blow open the door, and drop a Sandlot reenactment.

They straight up might have become America’s favorite team in just over two minutes. Flat out they’re winning the World Series. I couldn’t even tell you who’s in their five man rotation. I just couldn’t. But I don’t care. It could be Clay Buchholz pitching every game and they’re winning it all.

Give it up for the Brew Crew. America’s favorite team. I’m buying a Travis Shaw jersey right now.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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