There is No Way LeBron Misses the Season Opener

Can we please just scrap this whole idea that LeBron might miss the season opener? The thought of him not playing in this game against the Celtics is bananas, but it’s so stereotypical LeBron at the same time.

LeBron James lives for the drama and spotlight, and he strives in it. However, he has arguably been cast away in the shadow of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors since their emergence in 2015, which is something he still isn’t used to. This headline is just the beginning of his goal for this season: to reclaim that spotlight.

I have a hard time believing that his ankle is bothering him enough to the point where he would miss this game, especially with everything surrounding it. Kyrie’s return to Cleveland arguably means more to LeBron than it does to Kyrie. You don’t think he wants to shove Kyrie’s decision to leave Cleveland down his throat by going out there and lighting the Celtics up on national television? LeBron lives for that shit, there is just no way he doesn’t go out there. JR Smith feels the same way:

You have to understand who this guy is before just rushing to the idea that he might miss a game with this level of magnitude. This is the same guy who had a nationally televised show to announce his free agent decision back in 2010, there’s no way he misses arguably the most highly anticipated opening game of his career. There is simply too much drama and hype surrounding it for him to be sidelined regardless of how his ankle feels.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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