Morons of the Internet: Stop Believing Everything Just Because It Suits Your Argument

We see it all the time and it is gut wrenching. Man I am sick of the internet. But I love it. It’s a drug that I just can’t stay away from. I am addicted to the number one cesspool on the World Wide Web and that’s Twitter.

Twitter’s one of those places where those little gremlins and trolls come crawling out from their holes to throw shots. It’s home to those who could never stand up to someone with their opinion in real life, so they open their phone and throw the opinion on the internet where their profile picture is the American Flag, Donald Trump, or some athlete. At least that’s been the theme lately.

And this tweet here is an impeccable example of what the internet really is.

Now what really gets me all riled up is the responses. But I will give some credit first, because a lot of people replying to it point out that this is clearly doctored to fit this guys agenda. Hey dinks, we know that’s the New York Jets’ flag, right?

But then you have the morons hitting that reply button with their blood pressure running to the moon talking about how, “Well now this has pushed me to the brink! Weeeeeeoooooo I am now boycotting the NFL!”

But thankfully, we have people like Bob Socci, one of the Patriots broadcasters, spitting stone cold facts to the haters.

Thank you Bobby Boy.

It just KILLS me that the internet is locked and loaded with people WHO BELIEVED THIS PHOTO WAS REAL. My God. And I’m letting them win right now for even giving them the time of day. But someone on Couch Guy already wrote about Rodgers so here I am diving into the crevices of the internet to find a story. And I come across these people.

This has to be my favorite reply. I died reading this. Don’t get it twister guys. He was a HUGE fan of the NRW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. In this life time (lifetime, but who’s judging) he will NEVER watch another Pat’s game. I don’t know what the “Pat’s” own there but hey, minor grammar mistake. And he finishes hard with the “THEY ARE A BUNCH OF UNGRATEFUL.” Ungrateful what!? I GOTTA KNOW! I haven’t been left on a cliffhanger like this since The Walking Dead season finale. He straight up just didn’t finish the tweet. That damn 140 character mark probably sent this guy into a spiral not being able to finish his thought.

But that’s what I mean. What are we doing internet. Can we look into things before we lose our minds like this? I was actually pleasantly surprised with the people calling out this image for what it is, a blatant lie. But I wasn’t disappointed with people like John, just crapping themselves over something that was clearly false.

Internet, I beg you. PLEASE don’t be a John. Read things. Twitter is already enough of a cesspool. Let’s do our part and clean it up before that Super Volcano in Yellow Stone erupts and we fall into a volcanic winter.

Also, for people who still use the term “triggered”, stop it. You look like a bunch of hardos now. Triggered is over. And snowflake too. Like, we get it. You’re so hardcore and love your president. Sick. Congrats.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuaglia)

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