There is No Reason for Kevin Love to Rush Himself Back from his Broken Hand

Last night, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love broke his hand on this play:

Expected to miss 6-8 weeks, Love could be out until at least the end of March with this injury. And if I were him, I would milk the shit out of that time table.

I’m not a big supporter of Kevin Love, but the poor guy seems to be getting the brunt of just about everything that is wrong with the Cavaliers right now. His defense is definitely​ part of the problem, but he isn’t the only one that deserves to take that blame. Isaiah Thomas & Jae Crowder have not been themselves this season, and the lack of a second superstar in Kyrie has caused practically everything to land on LeBron’s shoulders. And he hasn’t been a prize on defense either. They’ve all sucked, so the Cavs problems aren’t only on Love, yet that seems to be the perception.

Taking that into consideration, along with the fact that practically the whole locker room talks about him behind his back, what does he even owe the Cavs at this point? Why should he rush himself back and help this team attempt to make a playoff run when they’ve treated him like garbage all season? The Cavs have been a disaster for months, he should be the happiest guy alive right now because he doesn’t have to be a part of it.

So Kevin, if you’re reading this, first of all, share it. But secondly, don’t force yourself to come back if you aren’t 100%. You don’t owe this team anything. Force them to finish the season without you, because when LeBron leaves this summer you’re probably going to be on your way out too.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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