Smaller Names The Celtics Should Pursue

So we all know the the big name players the Celtics are looking at before the trade deadline, but what about the players that no one is really talking about? As a fan you have to remember, that the Celtics have a bunch of large contracts which makes it harder to take on another superstar player. However, there are a couple of small contract guys on the trade market that could improve this Celtics roster.

Let’s start with Marco Belinelli  who is currently on the Hawks. I absolutely love Belinelli because he played for the Spurs for a few seasons. This means that he knows how to play solid team basketball, and has played in big time games. The Hawks are not using Belinelli to his fullest potential and the Celtics should capitalize on that. Belinelli would be a nice little scoring option off the bench for the C’s and they should consider taking a look at him.

Hawks guy

Another guy from the Hawks that no one has really heard about is Ersan Ilyasova. Once again, this player will not blow anyone out of the water with his talent, but he is a phenomenal catch and shoot 3pt guy. He would be a 8th man off the bench and is 35.9% on catch and shoot threes this season. For a Celtics team that has great ball movement and swings the ball around, this could really be a great match.


Finally we get to Julius Randle of the Lakers. What have the Celtics been missing all season long? A big man that can not only grab rebounds, but can score. Randle has been averaging 13.7 points per game with 7.3 rebounds so far this season. Move Al Horford to the center spot and plug Randle in at PF. I also love that Randle is only 23 years old. If we can somehow hang onto him for longer than a season, then the Celtics could develop him into a great big man.  

As always, let me know what you think about these potential trade targets for the C’s. Should they go after a big name player? Or should they play it safe and get one or two small name guys? With the trade deadline only eight days away ( February 8th, 3pm) we start to see teams making moves.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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