There Have Been Multiple Trade Rumors Involving the Celtics Today

These past few days in the NBA have been filled with a ton of trade rumors, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Ever since the Celtics traded down from #1 to #3, it’s like all of a sudden everybody in the league wants to or has executed a trade. When you have as many assets as the Celtics do, it’s pretty hard to not be involved in trade rumors surrounding NBA stars.


The first rumor I’d like to look at, which seems to be the one with the most realistic chance of happening, is Jimmy Butler. The C’s have been linked to this guy every off-season and every trade deadline for what feels like the past 2-3 years. So how are things different now?

This tweet indicates an approach that we haven’t seen from the Bulls since these rumors began a few years back. They appear to be actively shopping Butler for the first time, which is crazy to think about. The only problem is that now, the Celtics aren’t alone in their pursuit for Butler. He is reportedly pushing for a trade to the Cavs, who appear to be in the picture as well. My only question surrounding any trades with the Cavs is this: why would a team who is trying to rebuild make a trade with Cleveland? They don’t offer you anything for the future, and all they really have for value to trade is Kevin Love. In my opinion, a Love for Butler trade is a downgrade and would leave Cleveland pretty vulnerable down low and on the boards. It just wouldn’t make any sense for either side. Butler is a fine player, but at what cost?

Enter the Celtics, who have enough assets to acquire the moon if they wanted to. They are the only team in the league who could piece together a reasonable trade for Jimmy Butler in my eyes. And given the way that Chicago is shopping him, and Danny Ainge’s known love for Butler, I feel like a trade is bound to happen sooner rather than later.


Now, we have Kristaps Porzingas, the Latvian Unicorn, Porzingod, whatever you wanna call him. For some stupid reason, Phil Jackson feels the need to trade his young future NBA superstar. He hasn’t done a thing right in New York yet besides drafting KP, so it only makes sense why he’d get rid of him right? Apparently, Staps has been frustrated with the organization, leading him to skip the team’s exit interviews prior to the beginning of the offseason. That didn’t settle well with Jackson, and him being one of the pettiest people on this planet, it only makes sense why he’d dump him the way he wants to.

Okay so according to this reporter, the Celtics are in on Kristaps. Cool, so what’s the price?

To put this into perspective, this is like the Knicks asking us for #3 this year, Jaylen Brown, and probably another pick just because. I can’t say I would be happy seeing the Celtics do that. I love Kristaps, but I’m not sure I love him enough to just punt away on two or three straight years of top three picks in the draft. Plus I love Jaylen Brown, and if he were to ever get traded I would probably cry like a little girl. So is it possible the Celts trade for KP? Yes. Will it happen? I don’t know, but if it involves Jaylen Brown and multiple picks I feel we’re giving up way too much.

The Celtics have been mentioned in other rumors, but as of right now these are the two that have picked up the most steam. We’ll see what happens, with the draft coming up in just two days I’m sure more rumors will be lurking.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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