The Year of Antonio Brown Has Been a Wild Ride and This Saints News Just Adds to It

Antonio Brown has been unreal this season. It’s been probably the most intense, wild, sometimes hilarious and confusing storyline going. There is so much meat to this story that any fat guy from Mississippi would be grilling it up for his entire county at the next fair (?).

We all understand what’s happened so far. We’ve had frozen feet, helmet controversies, releases, signings, touchdown passes from Tom Brady, accusations of rape and sexual assault, more releases, a weird tweet saying “no more white woman 2020”, multiple people on Twitter telling him that his grammar doesn’t make sense, a behind the scenes look at his music video with no music, videos of the cops at his house, minute long Instagram lives where he says nothing and just smiles at the camera with music in the background. That isn’t even the end of the list.

But regardless of ALL of this mayhem and anarchy, the Saints had AB in for a workout today and wouldn’t you know it? He told us on his social media because he can’t not post about everything that’s happening in his life.

I just… why? So I guess the Saints are just taking a look at him but it honestly just looks like a massive waste of time. There was a point during the season where a lot of people, including myself, were SCREAMING for Robert Kraft to put the animosity aside and bring back #17 because the receiving core sucked eggs. Massive eggs.

I was blinded by the losing, okay? I was desperate.

But now that the smokes cleared and the next morning hangover’s gone, I thank Bill Belichick that he knows more about football than I do.

Like Ian Rapoport said above, signing him would most likely not benefit the Saints or anyone. The second he inks that contract, Roger Goodell’s gonna come swinging in, slinging it, and toss AB onto the Commissioner’s Exempt list until his ongoing legal matter(s) come to a resolution.

So the only way that the Saints would sign him I would think is if they know something we don’t and they believe that the legal side of things is just about wrapped up.

I don’t think it will happen, but imagine if AB did sign with the Saints? My GOD. Michael Thomas and Antonio Brown together would be one of the most lethal receiving options the league’s ever seen.

I just don’t see this guy getting another shot this year. His behavior has been wildly irrational and his inability to STAY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA is as bad as a high school kid on TikTok. I know my pop culture, what’s up?

Plus, I know this has been said about a million times today, but why is there no wild outrage that the Saints are even sniffing around the area of Antonio Brown and when the Patriots signed him, it was like they signed Adolf Hitler? The Patriots doing anything causes other fanbases brains to melt straight out of their ears. It’s unreal. Imagine if this story were for the Patriots today? I’m pretty sure the league would have to cancel the remainder of the year because there would be chaos in the streets with protests.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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