The Yankee Crybaby Saga Continues

Just when you thought the Yankees could not get anymore pathetic….CC Sabathia comes out and proves you wrong. This man has been pitching in the Major Leagues for 17 years…17! He is now complaining about the Red Sox bunting on him in the 1st inning of last nights game…1st inning!

Listen big man just because you are over weight and unable to touch your toes does not mean the entire league feels bad for you and is going to throw you a pitty party. Its professional baseball these guys go out to do whatever they can to help the team win. That includes bunting off of you because you are not as nimble as you used to be so clearly that is one of your weaknesses. Any guy on your team would do the same exact thing and frankly probably has in the past. Its baseball man get over it and grow up! After such a long career I would have thought you would have known that by now!

The Yankees went on to win 6-2 over the Red Sox behind a pretty solid outting from CC. He pitched 6 innings allowed 4 hits only giving up 1 run. He got the win and thats all he should care about he helped his team win end of story, stop crying about something that at the time happened over 3 hours ago and was not even a game changing event.

I have always respected CC to a point he always just seemed to grind through whatever not really saying much most of the time. This is a shock to me honestly. Hopefully this gets the blood boiling between the two sides and we can see some fireworks erupt in these next few games!

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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