The Worst Leader In The U.S.

There is a worse leader than the current presidential candidates that no one is talking about. His name is Rob Manfred. This guy flat out STINKS. His newest idea is to continue with having a neutral field for the World Series in the future. What kind of baby back BS is that? This guy is so worried about “speeding up the game” and “attracting younger fans” that he is actually doing the exact opposite!

As a lifelong baseball fan, he is ruining the sport! I was at Fenway in 2013 when Ortiz hit the grand slam against Detroit. I was also there when they won it. I was there during the 2018 playoffs when JD took JA Happ to the moon. The bottom line is if you have ever been to a playoff game of your favorite team, there is nothing like it.

If you want to grow the game, you don’t limit fans’ opportunities to come to the ballpark to watch their team play in the playoffs. On top of that, what is the benefit of playing at a neutral site? Are you just going to play the whole year at your own park, assuming with fans, and then say ok, now fly to some random site with random baseball fans and play the biggest game of your sports season? Bananaland!

I understand the counter-argument of “Football does it.” Yea, football is much better to watch on TV, and it’s simply a more entertaining sport to watch in general. All sports need fans, that’s just a fact, but baseball NEEDS its fans. If you are running with the narrative that baseball is a dying sport, then the last thing you should ever do is remove the fans from the equation. Again, this is all assuming COVID and its restrictions allow for fans to be in attendance.

Rob Manfred stinks at his job. Plain and simple. He claims to want to make the sport more enticing for the fans but does the exact opposite. Absolutely pathetic. Send this man to the moon.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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