The Window Begins

As I’ve mentioned before with the Celtics, they are in a very unique situation about their window. The Celtics have control and then they don’t have control. The majority of this depends on Jayson Tatum, as if he is able to become a top 10 or even top 5 player in the game this window will be open for a plethora of years. Which has either already happened or will definitely be a foregone conclusion by next year’s postseason in my honest opinion.

Another thing that helps the Celtics’ window is the development of Jaylen Brown. Jaylen Brown is developing into a top 15 player at this very moment and it is a lot closer than people think. This could probably be one of best duos in the league for the foreseeable future. Now you add that duo with good complimentary pieces such as Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward and Marcus Smart; the Celtics are in a good position moving forward.

Yes, the Celtics have made the East finals again, but they missed a huge opportunity to make it to the NBA Finals this past season which leads this roster to a crossroad being what way this team should go moving forward. The question is do they stand pat and add only minor pieces knowing they probably will be back in the same spot next year?  Do they shake it up a little and go for a true finals run? That remains to be seen. But again they are at the crossroads at this moment. Some decisions need to be made on their future.

Do Not Stand Pat

Personally if the Celtics stand pat it won’t end well for them next season in my opinion. With the East getting tougher you have teams like Miami who beat the Celtics on the way to the NBA Finals and they are looking to add pieces. You got the Nets that will get Kyrie and KD healthy which will be a sight to see. The Bucks are looking like they are doing what they can to keep Giannis for at least one more season. Also you have the Raptors who are going to be gritty like last season. The 76ers will be there as long as everybody is healthy as well. All these teams will be looking to improve so it’s important that you make a move to address your weakness.

Be Smart and Realistic

There are a lot of rumors, trade scenarios etc. that the Celtics are going to be involved in moving forward. Realistically they probably need another big and some scoring off the bench. If they can get a big that puts Theis on the bench that would be ideal. Then you get a shooter for the bench to go along with a quality backup point guard would be what the Celtics need for next season. They will probably address all three in some fashion, but if the Celtics want this to be truly Tatum and Brown’s team; then realistically the rest of your roster will be available and you should listen to trade offers. Brown’s new contract begins and Tatum will be offered a max extension and will be with the Celtics for another 5 years. So you now have a window of 5 years and with large contracts already on the books for the next few seasons, if there is no real change that is made then financial flexibility will happen later on while you’re in the middle of this window trying to play catch up with the rest of the East. The Celtics should be aggressive this offseason, but be smart and open minded.

Don’t Complain About Who Is Tradable and Nontradable  

You are about to have a window to compete which is 5-6 years. I know what you are thinking, but Tatum and Brown will probably end up being Celtics for life. This might be true, but organizations don’t have 10 year plans, they have 5-6 year plans. If Wyc, Danny and Brad feel like they can truly compete and win a championship in the next 2-3 years; then moves will be made this offseason to surround Tatum and Brown. Folks that means Hayward, Walker, and/or Smart could be in trade talks this off season. They may not be traded in the end, but if they feel like they have an opportunity they will make those moves to help this team move forward. Whether it is to add either a big or adding bench pieces, or add a younger third star with those two via trade, or even to try and get financial flexibility to go big into next year’s free agent class. If the Celtics feel like they have a good shot to win in 3 years, 4 years or 5 years of this window then they probably will only do minor moves, and keep your top 6 rotation intact which is fine and once fans return in the stands they will have a full house and very good team. News flash that isn’t a plan, that is more so that you are just hoping you get lucky. Which would show that ownership and the front office don’t believe we are championship ready yet. Which would not be surprising given how ownership has talked in the recent past.  

Finally we will know very quickly in the next couple of months what direction the Celtics go, but be prepared for anything and accept it. However they treat this window will determine if they are fine with being a very good team with no championships or a bonafide championship contender for the next five years.

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